Coffee Allen - or Allen Don Vishbach is an author and artist from North Mississippi, USA.

When I was young, I had a condition called Night Terror Syndrome- which made it to where I couldn't

distinguish between the waking world or the dream world.

No one believed me, so I took the dreams as inspiration to start drawing- and found my purpose.

To create dreamworlds that others can enjoy as well.

I create my own stories as well work as a hired artist for other projects.

Need an eye to help you with your story? I do that too!

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Bad book sale! These have minor printing issues. Still readable and decent quality- just with minor issues that make me not wanna submit it to a bookstore or take to cons, so they're SUPER discounted all the way down to their base production price to clear inventory space.
Legend of the Erased is a psychological dark fantasy about a young Creator who gets pulled into a corrupted version of the world she created. Still series is intended for ages 16+ for some dark subject matter such as mentions of Self harm, suicide, as well as images containing gore and some nudity.
This includes 3 books, 200 page mangas.
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I've been on a Nightwish kick but also wanted to design some kind of sticker so I low-key did both. I'm happy with how this came out. #nightwish #mangaartist #dreamworld #darkfantasy #indieartist #smallbusiness